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Sheala R. De Martini

Sheala R. De Martini

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Sheala De Martini is originally from Northern California’s wine country. She began her journey into the law when she joined an estate planning firm in Sonoma Valley, California in 2015. In mid-2016, she realized her passion for trust and estate law and enrolled in law school.  Sheala obtained her juris doctorate degree from the University of Idaho College of Law in May of 2019. While in law school she continued to grow her experience in estate planning by interning for the Coeur d’Alene tribe, drafting wills and estate planning documents for tribal members. Following her graduation, Sheala’s legal practice has focused exclusively on estate planning.  She endears herself to our clients with her zealous passion for serving their estate planning needs.  Sheala is currently licensed to practice law in the State of Washington and the State of Texas.  


When she is not working (which is rare), you may spot her at a gala or two or navigating through wine festivals. When she is not out living her most opulent life, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her beloved labradoodle, Brodie. Sheala is a New Orleans Saints fanatic and is passionate about football Sundays. When football is not in season, you can find her either keeping up with the Real Housewife Franchise or expanding her knowledge through a variety of nonfiction books (well, that is when she is not reading the tax code).

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