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Why Use An Asset Protection Attorney?

Asset Protection Attorney in TempeWhile estate planning is important to have in place can protect your assets in the event of your death or disability, the threats of lawsuits and divorce are real and increasing. Many of our clients want to implement structures to protect themselves and their families from these threats.  As an expert asset protection attorney, we take a thoughtful and methodical approach to asset protection planning.  We carefully evaluate the particular risks that may affect a client and then recommend strategies appropriate to address those risks.  There are significant limitations of the effectiveness of asset protection when a client has already existing claims.  Therefore, asset protection planning works most effectively when implemented before a claim arises. 

Asset protection planning involves shielding your assets within protective legal structures in order to protect and preserve your hard-earned assets from future lawsuits and creditor claims. Asset protection planning solutions we can assist you in implementing include the following:

* Offshore Asset Protection Trust, in countries that offer significantly greater protection than is available in the United States.

* Domestic Asset Protection Trusts, which are drafted to take advantage of the laws of states with the most favorable asset protection available under United States law.

* Additional domestic and offshore protective entities, such as limited liability companies, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships.

* Use of insurance products, corporations and statutory exemptions to take full advantage of creditor protections available under Arizona law.

* Marital agreements, gifting and intra-family transfers.