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We are an estate planning and business planning law firm.  We help our clients protect and plan for themselves, their assets and their business.
We work closely with our clients, their families and trusted advisors to enable us to develop a comprehensive plan which can:

  • Establish loving Guardianship arrangements for your minor children.
  • Protect you, your spouse and your children from the stress, expense and loss of privacy caused by probate. 
  • Ensure that you (not the Court) control who manages your assets in the event you become disabled. 
  • Ensure you control who makes medical decisions for you, if you cannot.
  • Protect the assets you leave to your spouse and children from lawsuits and divorces.
  • Eliminate or substantially reduce gift, estate, income and generation-skipping taxes.

Specialized Estate Planning Attorney

Our firm prides itself in its attention to the individual needs of our clients.  We will never offer “cookie-cutter” solutions.  Just as no two clients are the same, each plan is custom-designed to reflect the needs, beliefs, values and traditions of each client.  We are passionate about serving the needs of our clients, and we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we may serve you, your family and your business.
Contact our office for a complimentary, no obligation consultation with an estate planning and asset protection business attorney. 480-456-6267